Monday, April 20, 2015

Iran doesn't want the bomb for Saudi Arabia.

Iran might assuredly be working to gain a nuclear weapon.  But the point of any nuclear weapon isn't to attack Saudi Arabia.  Or even Israel. Those might be a secondary political objective.

The point of a nuclear weapon for Iran is to stave off any right-wing American inclinations to attack. 

Iranians understand a nuclear war with Israel is a mutually assured destruction scenario. That is off the table as well. They know Israel won't start a nuclear war, so that's a secondary reason.

The fact is Iran was labelled part of the "Axis of Evil" by the right-wing controlled United States of America. That is what Iranian hard liners are concerned about. They are worried about American hard liners...

Iran has watched how American foreign policy changes the second a nation, North Korea for example, enters the nuclear club. Once a nation can inflict massive nuclear fall-out casualties - even if it against its own people alone - it makes them outside military intervention realm. Outside the military option so long as the conflict is non-existential (if Iran could wipe out the USA - all bets are off).

Iranians know that America is a Schizonphrenic Empire - swinging from isolationist to empire and back again. And they know that American politicians can win votes by rattling sabres at nations that are not liked.  They know how easily a "Hawk" can win support taking on a foe.  What better foe than an Evil Axis member? They do the same tactics in house. So why expect different?

Iran want to preserve itself from aggression.   If Iran wanted to become aggressive then when ISIS formed a caliphate they would have formed their own caliphate and denounced ISIS as imposters.