Friday, April 10, 2015

Vancouver Oil Spill: Conservative Cutbacks To Services Have No Impact?

So, BC, how's that reduction of federal services working out for you? Are you going to pay attention to federal politics now? Remember the promise front line services would not be affected?  This is the Mayor of Vancouver:

"While he thanked first responders and cleanup crews for their hard work, Robertson said the slow response to the spill goes back “to the lack of leadership from the federal and provincial government to make sure that these efforts are co-ordinated, that there is an immediate response.
“That response was lacking,” he said.
Robertson said city officials still don’t know how dangerous the fuel is, how much of the substance has settled at the bottom of the English Bay and how that will affect the wildlife and residents in the region.
“My real questions go to the resources available,” Robertson said.
He said the federal government has made cuts to the nearby Kits Coast Guard base and to the local oil spill response centre.
“Those are unacceptable,” he said. “Here we have an example of a spill taking place and the response was inadequate. Too slow, not enough information and citizens in Vancouver are very frustrated.”