Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Separation of Church and State, but before Parliament works they pray

Speaker Scheer has 'no intention' of changing House of Commons prayer

We are supposed to live in a multicultural society, the Supreme Court has just ruled that a prayer before a Town council meeting was ruled against government principles:

“Sponsorship of one religious tradition by the state in breach of its duty of neutrality amounts to discrimination against all other traditions,” Justice Clement Gascon wrote.

And yet Parliament refuses to alter their practice of prayer. This is arrogance of religious people flouting fair treatment to continue biased business towards one religious group and against the majority because they refuse to give up their traditions.

What is lost on any religious group is that it's BECAUSE we live in a sectarian society they are free to practice religion.

If we lived in a Catholic society then what would be the rights of Muslims?
If we lived in a Muslim society then what would be the rights of Catholics?

The ironic point is lost on people blindly following dogma, they should be grateful that society is free to them. How can they be unfair to the majority?

There is no reason to force government business to be held up for dogma.