Saturday, April 25, 2015

Mark Cuban is wrong on Net Neutrality

All bits are not the same bits. Mark Cuban forgets that TV technology is a custom network.  The Internet is a NON CUSTOM network developed to be common and open.

Mark Cuban has done a conflation of facts without establishing the truth of his facts.

He claims that since binary is binary they all will get regulated together.

His proposition is wrong, he is motivated because he wants any company to be able to sell its bits on the Internet. But the fact is nothing stops a company from setting up a CUSTOM network to sell content or whatever. He wants to make money cheaply leveraging the Internet to do what he wants. But that's not what the Internet is.   Fair and open means it does not favour one set of bits over another.  If you can't make your application work on the Internet, go make your own network.  Like a TV company that uses its TV technology.  A TV network that predates the Internet by 80 years.

If an application can co-exist on the Internet then great, if not the write then business case to justify a custom network. 

Here is a truthful retelling of his logic.

All TV bits are TV bits.  All Internet bits are Internet bits.


NOT All Internet bits are TV bits.