Thursday, April 9, 2015

The government is gettting bold about muzzling scientists.

The government is getting pretty bold at stifling people trying to do their job.

In December, PIPSC science members launched a well-publicized initiative calling on the federal government to bargain “scientific integrity” agreements as part of the current round of collective bargaining. The union hopes the proposed agreements would help ensure that standards in federal government science are maintained despite ongoing and widespread cuts to jobs, programs and services.

In the past, managers have not demanded scientists not meet at the workplace for issues surrounding bargaining. So that means they are actively muzzling them from discussing the issues that they want the unions to bargain on. Huh?

The government pays scientists to do work, and now stops them from publishing that work for governmental policy reasons.  But you the taxpayer paid for it. They are stopping your access to what you paid for.  And the only people that can stand up to it are being muzzled.