Thursday, February 12, 2015

Example of leading from behind... The Schizophrenic Empire

President Obama's ISIS Evolution

There are lots of false propaganda items perpetuated by Republicans in terms of President Obama's actions, and most of them I ignore.

However, this one does demonstrate how being reactive instead of proactive can make a bad situation worse.

I sympathize with President Obama's strong respect for military people and the sacrifices they have made - sometimes in vain - and his valiant try to protect them. This mandate to avoid conflict is noble, but often vainglorious and moot. The USA has already gotten bloody in Iraq, so no pretense is available but the duty and obligation to do as Colin Powell warned - "we invade, we own their hopes and dreams" which fell on deaf ears.

Look at this video and consider:
Say the president had directed the US Department of Defense to strike that ISIS convoy that crossed into Iraq from Syria to free prisoners near Mosul instead of observe events.

Then ask yourself one thing:

What would the situation look like now, and how much money and more importantly lives, rapes, damage, dreams, terror attacks, beheadings, hopes, and futures would have been saved? How much of the Iraqi army might have stayed instead of fled? How much shorter the border skirmish would be versus an offensive to take one third of Iraq back?