Friday, February 20, 2015

Why is it religious apologists turn their comments off?

I write things that come into my mind, I share them, and I let you comment on them. I don't hide from criticism.  Go ahead, I've gone in to 50 comment sprees.

So why do the fervent religious believers turn off their comments.  Afraid to let a little doubt into things?  If you are not willing to turn your comments on then I am not interested to read your work.  Why? Because your mind is closed to new ideas. And you are closed to facts that might jeopardize your own faith.

This is not a place for sermons. You don't get to preach. You can speak and be heard but there is no special place for religion here. And if your ideas can't match up then you are the person that will have doubt. WE thought our way to our view points. Not BELIEVED our way to our viewpoints. 

If your word is so certain, then what have you to fear?