Monday, February 9, 2015

Shoe-bomber Richard Reid is a human robot...

If anyone needed a prime examplar of a semi-autonomous human being, this guy

failed shoe bomber Richard Reid, who tried to blow up a plane full of innocent people, is a great example.

In the above linked story, he explains himself:

"I admit many people would dispute that and disagree with me on that point," the British-born Reid, 41, wrote.

"However, at the same time I also believe that it wasn't supposed to happen, not because it was displeasing to God … rather because it was not either my time to die nor that of those on the plane with me, and he had other plans for me which include my staying in prison and other matters which I may not be aware of as of yet." 

The only explanation he has as to why he failed was that god wanted it so, not there might not be a god, not that god was displeased, or any other credible explanation.

The researcher corresponding with him (Dr. Kimberly Mehlman-Orozco) asked if he had any regrets about trying to commit mass murder. His response suggests he wishes he had planned the attack better.
Further from the article

Mehlman-Orozco, who runs a non-profit called the Justitia Institute and has written to several convicted terrorists, said the letter shows how once terrorists are radicalized, they cling to their twisted interpretation of Islam, even after more than a decade in isolation.

"It withstands the cost versus the benefit, it withstands the will to live, it withstands years in the toughest prison in America," she said.
Richard Reid was programmed to follow a short set of instructions, never to question the reason why, nor the reality of the situation, nor to pity the people he might have killed, nor have empathy for anyone else his programming masters declare as enemy.

With all that time to think, his only answer is no, he got the plan wrong, but everything else is god's plan.