Sunday, February 8, 2015

Ode to a dead fridge

This is the letter I'm writing to the president of Samsung.

This is the last remnants of a Samsung fridge that worked for 13 months and then gave us nothing but problems.  We bought this fridge, as we did a lot of Samsung appliances, not thinking that we would be throwing it out after 4 years. 

We paid a lot of money for a premium stainless steel large capacity french door fridge.  All went well, then after 13 months it lost cooling. Right after the warranty expired.  We were away on vacation and we lost hundreds in perished food. Paid hundreds to eat  out at restaurants. We paid for an emergency fridge so our life might be normal, hoping the repair would give us normal back.   We ended up waiting 6 months for a compressor, paid for it's installation and that lasted six months but in the end didn't work - nor did the three other fixes we paid for because the coils inside the sealed system are to blame.  |It ran out of coolant six months later. Again lost food, cost us more than the repairs. 

In the end we couldn't get anyone to take it for free to repair it. What a waste.

To say I am disappointed would be an understatement, this fridge has cost us almost as much as the purchase price, gave us lots of trouble because the sealed system is inferior, costly to repair, gave us constant worry, disrupted our lives and shattered our belief that your company makes pretty good products. 

Why would people pay for a premium item and then why would they take a warranty on a fridge? One expects a fridge will last 10 years, you are making them so cheap they fail within defect times.   This is outrageous.

Maybe your phones are fine, our Samsung microwave works well, so perhaps you should stick to electronics.