Thursday, February 5, 2015

This is why pernicious Islam can't be saved...

The minds of extremists, Islamic extremists, are the primary example of why religion gives people rights to act immorally where no self-justification existed.  
The barbarism against mankind manifests itself as a death cult where every infidel is ready for death with no provocation and without justification. Even believers are suspect and their death is acceptable if they are not pious enough. One jihadist on trial is caught explaining,

"Islam is a monster, is a beast," Jaser is heard saying on one intercepted conversation. "Islam is a very powerful weapon, OK, and if it's in the right hands...then you can bulldoze the whole world."
"Islam is here to conquer," he is heard saying. "There is no live and let live in Islam."

and anyone that declares themselves Muslim might be a two-faced backstabber - literally.  The accused went onto to explain his deception,

"We are in a war," he is heard saying. "The war is deception ok, so you need to play certain parts."

Jaser goes on to explain that he is one person around his wife, another around his co-workers, and a different one in front of Esseghaier and the undercover agent.
"But inside, inside I'm very comfortable," he is heard saying. "My heart is very happy."
 The rules of Islam allow this ill treatment including deception, and horrific evil in the name of religion is the result. Explain why anyone could justify this reasoning as an atheist?