Sunday, February 15, 2015

Imagine where mankind would be if we listened to religion over reason?

Do you like swords to defend yourself or would you prefer a pistol?  Do you prefer to be bled when you get ill or a healthy dose of prayer and faith healing or perhaps a séance to cure you?

This all seems like nonsense in today's world, but all the achievements, all the progress that is made comes from mankind striving to understand, to try new things, to learn, to write it all down and get back up and try again. All we have is the result of science and technology, from learning and reason.

Imagine if our forbears had listened to the religious nonsense and stopped wondering about the universe. We owe every modern invention to the work of those that spent their life improving the future, not following mindless dogma. 

Even ISIS uses technology that they take for granted

Even ISIS agrees that the internet is useful even if they don't agree we should be free to think on our own long enough to make that difference.

Science is cool. Dogma is not.