Sunday, February 15, 2015

Islamic Supreme Council of Canada: Islamic dress is a problem

According to Islamic Supreme Council of Canada:
The Islamic Supreme Council of Canada says the Federal Court's decision to allow face coverings during citizenship ceremonies is "not an important issue," but that Stephen Harper is "unnecessarily" making it one.
The council says it's clear that wearing a niqab, which is worn by some Muslim women in public areas and in front of men who are not relatives, is not a security issue.

Except there is a problem with face covering dress, it is a security problem:

This was Britain's most wanted man, he escaped via Heathrow by hiding like a little girl in a face covering outfit. This isn't acceptable in our society.

In this age of radical Islamic terrorist's committing heinous violent acts, every hidden person could be armed and ready to kill people at random. Lone wolf attacks are a real problem while ISIS exists. This is not acceptable in this society. Even your safety is the job of police despite your ideas.

It is also used as the source of female domination and abuse.  ISIS executed this  lady for being an adulterer and running a brothel. Misogyny is also unacceptable in our society.

To live in this society, we all accept the rules that put freedom and safety above of any one groups' interests.  If you don't like that, you can go to the home of sharia law, where you might end up like this poor lady.